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The plan for this 1960’s bungalow was to add a loft conversion, removing the roof entirely and raising it slightly to accommodate three good sized bedrooms and a bathroom. Firstly, architects ‘Marraum’ drew up plans for the conversion.  I then ordered the truss’s to be made to these plans. Once the building had been made structurally sound, ready to bear the extra weight of the build, the old roof was completely stripped off. The new truss’s were then put in position and the felt and batton added ready for the tiles.

Next the windows were positioned, including french doors and a juliet balcony.  Once the roof tiles were in place, I began work on the cedar cladding, sofits and facia boards. Lastly the guttering was added.

This project includes the internal construction also, which I plan to add as another case study shortly.

Link to Marraum:

The back of the house with scaffolding before work has begun.
The old roof has been stripped off and the first of the new truss's are put in place.
Most of the truss's in position.
Windows in place and roof tiles ready to be laid.