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This lovely town house had a tired front garden prone to water logging.  I was asked to alter the levels of the garden to get the drainage working efficiently and to lay a complicated design of slabs and granite setts.

Granite setts are naturally fairly riven, which we felt in this case would not be appropriate for the design.  I selected off-cuts from pre cut slabs, cut them to shape with my saw and tumbled them in my mixer.  The end result was that the slabs and setts lay perfectly flat with no areas that would puddle.

The design I followed meant that every slate square had to be cut in some way or another, but the end result is very satisfying.

‘If you want a job done with a passion, want to share in the thinking and planning and watch it evolve, you would need to go a long way to find anybody better’  Camilla, Hazeldene

The garden cleared, ready to be levelled and paved.
The granite setts going in.
Adding the slate paving.
The finished result!